Club Policies

Farm House Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00pm-10:00pm

                                      Saturday: 5:00am-10:00pm

Pond Access: By Appointment Only

Garden Access: Garden Club Members Only

Barn: By Appointment Only

Parking: Designated Parking Area no more than 10 Cars

1.0 Executive Summary

Sargent Road Farm House is a established small business looking to grow it's services from preschool to a wider age group aimed at providing social functions to professional single adults, our members in the greater Mud Creek Valley area. The functions tend to be focused around community support. The events are held on the property 8605 Sargent road and may be indoors or out depending on the type of event. The events may range from sit-down dinners, to wine tastings, to cooking classes, hands on work shops, gardening building, education, social and mental health. Sargent Road Farm House is one of it's kind and created to build a strong community. Sargent Road Farm House has already been offering childcare since 2018 and community garden club since 2020 and expects to kick off events several new events early in Year 1 and to have three events per month by the end of this year.

The Market
Sargent Road Farm House will target a distinct market segment of the population; preschoolers, teens, Young families, and seniors. In addition, we are marketing one geographical area, Mud Creek Valley. Sargent Road Farm House events must be well run, small, and appealing to the members.

Key to Success
Sargent Road Farm House has identified four keys to success, which will be closely monitored. The first is to provide excellent quality events. The second is to develop and keep a good reputation through customer service and integrity with other business establishments. Third, we will provide a variety of events to meet member expectations. Lastly, our events will be small, relaxing environments, easy to social distance while getting together.

Sargent Road Farm House is owned and operated by Andy And Jennifer Claphan. Both Andy and Jennifer are college educated, has run businesses business in the past, lives in Mud Creek Valley, and has a good knowledge of community needs.

In addition to Andy And Jennifer Claphan, a board of directors will be appointed. Including but not limited to President, Vice, President, Treasure, Historian etc.

Sargent Road Farm House has made conservative forecasts of gross revenue for the three years of this plan. Sargent Road Farm House is an exciting alternative to other similar companies and we expect to leverage our unique difference into a sustainable company.

1.1 Objectives

  • Become Mud Creek Valley's favorite Gathering spot.

  • Achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 80 percent (i.e., membership renewal).

  • To have a growth rate of 5 new members per month.

  • Achieve gross revenues of $100,000 during the twelve months after the initial kick-off event.

1.2 Mission

Mission Statement: Sargent Road Farm House.'s mission is to provide the best social events for mud creek valley without changing it's history. This goal will be achieved through reasonable pricing, outstanding customer service, and predictive/consistent services.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • Our commitment to providing excellent quality events, including light snacks and beverages, at all times.

  • Maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community.

  • Providing popular and wide-ranging entertainment activities.

  • The creation of a unique, innovative, quaint atmosphere that will create an environment that won't intimidate a person during event meeting.2.0 Company Summary

Sargent Road Farm House is a new non profit entity aimed at providing social functions to small group for our members in the greater Mud Creek Valley area. The events tend to be focused around food. The events are held in other business establishments and may be indoors or out depending on the type of event. The events may range from sit-down dinners, to wine tastings, to cooking classes, and out door work shops, gardening but is not limited to.

2.1 Start-up Summary

Total start-up expenses, including legal costs, office furniture, computer, printer, digital camera, website development, software, logo design, marketing, contracted writer, artist, and related expenses are shown below. We also have initial cash to handle the first few months of operations and kick-off events (which will be free) as memberships and event income develop the cash flow.

All events will be held at Sargent Road Farm House will be a home office, with dedicated space, and Internet service within the owner's home.

The owner will invest in the business. A short-term loan will be negotiated for the balance of the start-up funding.

2.2 Company Ownership

Sargent Road Farm House. is a non profit corporation.

3.0 Services

Sargent Road Farm House will provide customers with a plat form to hold events that provide a relaxing atmosphere, great food, wine, excitement, all while forming lasting friendships at affordable prices.

Although there is currently no exact competition in the immediate area in which we plan to establish our events, there are numerous similar groups. The other singles groups are mostly involved with Mud Creek Valley. The social types are geared for specific reasons, e.g. charitable service, education, science, literature, gender equity, environmental stewardship, youth empowerment, health and mental health .

In meeting our goals, the company plans to become profitable and retain a solid leadership position in the marketplace by providing:

  • Affordable events – Most events will be donation bases or to cover supply and maintance costs.

  • A wide variety of activities - Sit down dinners, cooking classes, outdoor events.

  • Aggressive marketing and networking - Press releases, radio presentations, brochures, ads, and other types of media.

  • Customer satisfaction - Personally greeting people at events, designated greeters for new people, e-mail confirmations with directions.