Sargent Road Preschool Policies

Hours of Operation

Sargent Road Preschool LLC is open from 6:00 AM until 5:30 PM Monday – Friday. Hours of care will be contracted from child to child with a maximum of 10 hours per child per day. No childcare will be provided on Saturdays or Sundays (unless previously discussed) or on the Holidays.


Late Pick Up

Any child picked up past 6:00 p.m. will be charged $5 every minute that you are past 6:00 and will be charged in your next billing cycle.


Tuition and Billing

You are required to pay for a full week of childcare weather your child attends or not. All payments are due on Monday the week of childcare. If payment is not made within 5 days at drop-off you will occur a $5 a day late fee per day and your child will not be accepted into care until payment, including all late fees is made. If a period of 1 week passes without payment received, the contract will be terminated, the position filled, and the collection process begun. You will be responsible for any and all costs related to collection of the childcare fees including court fees.


Cash or Online Payments are accepted and a receipt will be given upon request. You will be set up in the payment program before you begin. A year-end statement of all childcare fees paid will be provided within the first 2 weeks of the New Year. There is no charge if you set up payments for payments every 2 weeks or more. If you choose to pay weekly you will be charged a convenience fee of $5.00 per transaction.


*Overtime: $20 per hour for each contracted hour over 10 hours a day and will be strictly enforced.


Sargent Road Preschool has 9 holidays in which Sargent Road Preschool will be closed on the following days each year New Year’s Day (January 1), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day (December 24), Christmas Day (December 25), New Year’s Eve Day (December 31). If a holiday falls on a weekend, the childcare program will be closed the Friday before. These unpaid Holidays will be prorated into your monthly fee, the discount is


Provider’s Vacation and Sick Days

Sargent Road Preschool LLC has 7 vacation days. There is no charge assessed for these times however these fees have already been prorated in your agreed price. Notification of at least one month will be given prior to any closed days, with the exception of emergencies or illness. Please have a backup childcare provider for these occasions.


*NOTE: On the occasion that the Provider is personally sick. Parents/Legal Guardians will be notified with as much notice as possible so that alternate care can be arranged.  It will be the Parents/Legal Guardians decision whether or not to bring the child to Sargent Road Preschool LLC for the day. If Sargent Road Preschool closes you will not be charged for the days closed. If the daycare needs to close for any reason Andy or myself will call you. If you cannot be reached by phone you will then receive a text, e-mail, and will also be notified by Facebook. You will not be responsible for any fees if the Daycare is closed.



How pro-rating works…There are 260 week days a year. Sargent Road Preschool is closed for 9 Holidays and 7 vacation days leaving your child in our care for 244 Days. Imagine your tuition is $300 a week that breaks down to $60 a day. We would then multiply the number of days your child is in our care by the amount you pay a day and then divide by the number of payment you agree to. *You receive your pro-rated discount per pay period.

  • Monthly (244X60=$14640/12=$1220)

  • Bi- Monthly (244x60=$14640/24=610)

  • Bi Weekly (244x60=$14640/26=$563.08)


Child Vacations

You are still responsible for tuition even when you take your vacation. The daycare is still open weather you are here or not so there is staff who depend on their paychecks. Sargent Road Preschool is closed for a total of 16 days a year in which you are not charged for and are given a pro-rated discount.


Alternate Care

You will need to find Alternate care if your child is sick or if Sargent Road Preschool closes for any reason. Sargent Road Preschool can give you referrals for other daycares in the area but Sargent Road Preschool is not responsible for finding alternate care.


Authorized Pick Up

You will need to provide me with a photo of each person on this list, and you will notify me immediately of any changes in the name, address, or phone numbers of the people who are authorized to remove a child from my care. I reserve the right to remove anyone from the authorized pickup list for any reason. You will notify me in advance [verbally or in writing] if an authorized person will be arriving at my program to drop off or pick up a child. Any authorized person who arrives at my program to drop pick up a child must bring a picture ID. If there is a court order (such as a divorce settlement or restraining order) that limits the rights of one of the child’s biological parents, you must give me a copy of that court order.


Verification of legal custody

If there is a court order keeping one parent or guardian away from the child, we must have a written note from the custodial parent or guardian in my file to that effect with the copy of the court order. Otherwise, we cannot prevent the non- custodial parent from picking up the child.


Child Sick Days and Absences

The client must pay for all days when the child is sick and not in childcare. The usual weekly rate will be charged even if the child misses care for one or two days per week due to illness.


Bad Weather Closings

You are required to notify me as soon as possible if your place of employment is closing early or will be closed for the day due to inclement weather. You are required to notify me as soon as possible if you will not be bringing your child to my program due to inclement weather. I will notify you as soon as possible if my program will be closed because of inclement weather. I may provide this notice the night before or in the middle of the day.


Backup Child Care

You will be responsible for finding backup child care if I must close my business or am unable to care for your child for the day. This may include, but is not limited to, the following reasons:


  • I take a vacation day.

  • I take a sick day.

  • I take a personal day.

  • There is an emergency in my family (death, serious illness, accident, etc.).

  • I must close my business due to bad weather or other emergency.

  • Your child is ill.


You must make your own arrangements for backup childcare.

I can refer you to the local childcare resource and referral agency as a resource for finding backup childcare.


Extended Absences

In cases of your potential absence (outside of your vacation) due to maternity leave, summer or extended leave from your job, you will be required to pay 50% of the weekly rate to hold your child’s position at Sargent Road Preschool LLC.  We require a two (2) week notice of vacation time and if applicable payment for that time in advance. You are welcome to send your child for a period of time equal to the payment received. After the 2nd month of extended leave, payment must equal 100% of the weekly fee or the contract will be terminated and the child’s position filled.


Teachers schedule

Teachers will pay a flat rate through out the school year even if the day care is closed but will not have to pay tuition during summer break up to 9 weeks


Sick Child Policy

Sick Child policies are required by law and are set in place to keep the spread of infectious diseases to a minimum. If you don’t comply with my illness policy, I may terminate our contract. I CANNOT care for a child who is ill with a fever over 99.9, vomiting, or explosive diarrhea I can only care for a sick child who has a mild, noncontagious illness, such as the common cold or a low-grade fever associated with teething. I will not care for a sick school-age child who would not be allowed to attend class under the school health guidelines.


Your child may be brought to care if they have a common cold (which means a slight cough, clear runny nose, sneezing); however I will call you if your child is just plain miserable (whining, crying, repeatedly asking for you). Your child should not attend if they are not feeling well enough to participate in our daily activities (i.e. a child wanting to sleep all day, lay on the couch and watch TV etc.) The Health Department regulations prohibit the admittance of any child into a family childcare home that exhibits any of the following symptoms:


  • Fever (100°f or higher) – child needs to be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication.

  • Pink Eye

  • Parasitic infection

  • Chicken Pox - The child may return when all the blisters have dried and formed scabs, usually about 6 days after the onset of the rash

  • Vomiting – child must be symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medication

  • Runny nose with colored discharge –check with doctor

  • Rash – check with doctor

  • Discharge from eyes or ears

  • Lice – child needs to be treated and nits removed before return

  • Diarrhea- Child must be symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medication

  • Communicable diseases – chicken pox, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis (pink eye), influenza etc. The child may return when the incubation and contagious period is passed and the child is well enough to resume normal childcare activities.


If your child has any of the above conditions, you are required to notify me as soon as possible. I may also ask you to take a child home if the child isn’t sick but is experiencing discomfort, such as during the last stage of an upper respiratory infection or after the first dose of an antibiotic. I will not send a child home who has a common cold, unless accompanied by a fever or other symptoms. If your child starts to show any of the above symptoms during the day, I will ask you to come and pick up the child immediately.


I have the right to refuse to care for a sick child. If your child develops any of the above symptoms while in my care, you or your alternate will be required to pick up your child immediately. If the child is not picked up within an hour of my calling a $10.00 for every 15 minutes or portion thereof charge may be assessed. If I have to call a parent to pick up a child that has been dropped off for care too ill to participate in the day the child will also be required to stay at home the following day. Your child may return to care 24 hours AFTER symptoms of illness end. Which means if your child is sent home with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting they cannot return until they have been symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medications. I am responsible for the health and well being of many children so I will closely follow health department regulations when it comes to illness. I understand and respect your need to be at work, but your cooperation is extremely important on this.


Under no circumstances should you bring your child to care sick (fever of 100°f or higher, vomiting, diarrhea not contained in a diaper, sore throat, continuous coughing, runny nose other than clear, draining eyes or ears, unexplained rash, lice, etc.) If you are not sure your child is well enough to attend childcare call and discuss it with me.


I will notify you of any illnesses that your child is exposed to in my home, including any of the symptoms listed above. I ask you to use your best judgment in deciding to bring a child who may be ill to my program. Please consider the health of the other children, my family, and me. If you repeatedly try to bring an obviously ill child to my program, it may be grounds for ending our contract.


Whenever a child enters a new childcare program there is an increased risk of colds or other minor illnesses until the child’s immune system adjusts to the new environment. If in my opinion a child is too ill to remain in care, you are required to come and pick up the child when I ask you to do so.


I expect you to be able to pick up a sick child within 60 minutes of being notified. If your child becomes ill and I am unable to reach you, I will then try to contact [your emergency backup person / one of the other persons who is authorized to pick up the child / another person you have specified in writing].


If your child has a case of head lice, your child must be treated and be free of nits before returning to daycare. If a case of head lice is found in my program, I will notify all my clients and everyone in my home will be checked. Children must be treated and be free of nits before they will be allowed to return to care.


Masking your child’s symptoms with over the counter medications and bringing them to care anyway is not allowed and could be cause for immediate termination. It is also inconsiderate to all families involved. A sick child should be allowed to recuperate fully at home after an illness so that the other children and the provider do not risk unnecessary exposure. If you are unable to stay home with your sick child it will be necessary for you to make arrangements at your own expense. If your child is out ill regular fees still apply.


Administering Medication

No child will be given any medication, prescription or over the counter, unless written the parent gives permission. Prescription medication shall have the child’s name, name of medication, Doctor’s name, name of pharmacy, prescription number, date, and directions for administering.


The medication must be in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacy. Administration of any medication will be logged on a Medication Administration Record.


*EXCEPTION: As your childcare provider, we will administer Syrup of Ipecac if instructed to do so by poison control or emergency medical services.


If you would like me to administer medicine to your child, you must sign a separate written authorization for each prescription. The medicine must be in its original container, labeled with the child’s name and the instructions for administering it. (You should ask the pharmacist to split each prescription into two containers, one for me and one for you, each with a full label and instructions.)


You must sign a written authorization for each individual medical prescription. The medicine must be in its original container and the label must include the directions and the child’s name.


  • I must have written permission before I will administer over-the-counter medication to any child.

  • I require a signed release from a doctor before I will dispense prescription medication to the children.

  • I do not require a signed release from a doctor before dispensing the following to children: sunscreen lotions, insect repellents, diapering products

  • I will not administer any medication or preparations to children without your written consent. This includes sunscreen lotions, insect repellents, and diapering products.

  • I will accept a child who is still taking prescribed medication with a doctor’s written confirmation that the child is no longer contagious.

  • I will document all medication that I dispense to the children in my files.



State law requires you to keep your child current with all immunizations. Each time your child is immunized, you are required to promptly give me an updated copy of your child’s immunization record or notify me so that I can update my record of your child’s immunizations in my files.


I will notify you within 24 hours if I learn that any child in my program does not have the required immunizations. You are required to update my records of your child’s immunizations each year.


The first two weeks in the child care program will be an adjustment or trial period. During this time, either the client or the provider may cancel the contract immediately, without written notice. After the trail period you will need to provide a 2 week written notice they you will be terminating your contract.


I will provide the parents with two weeks written notice if I am no longer able to care for your child. You are still responsible for paying the monthly fees during this notice regardless, whether your child attends or not.


I will terminate our Child Care arrangements immediately for any of the following reasons (but not solely limited to):


·      Failure to comply with the policies set forth in this book.

·      Failure to comply with the contract.

·      Destructive or hurtful behavior from child that persists even with parent cooperation in stopping the behavior.

·       Non-Payment of childcare fees or late and/or recurring late payment of fees.

·      Failure to show up for 5 days in a row without any communication.

·      Failure to complete required forms.

·      Inability to meet the child’s needs without additional staff.

·      Blatant disrespect towards provider or provider’s family.

·      If parents knowingly bring their child ill.


Note: If you terminate the childcare arrangement without giving 2 weeks notice, YOU will be held liable for the last 2 weeks fees, as well as any costs we incur in attempt to collect the debt.


Charges for Damage by the Child

If the client’s child breaks or damages the provider’s property, the client will pay to have the item replaced or repaired, at the provider’s discretion.


If the client’s child intentionally or deliberately damages or misuses an item, the client will be responsible for the cost of the damage as determined by the provider.


If the client’s child breaks or damages an item, the client will purchase an equivalent new item to replace it. If the client’s child breaks or damages the provider’s property, the client will be responsible for up to $100 of the cost of replacing or repairing the item.

Changes to the Handbook Policies

Changes may be made to these policies as needed with two (2) weeks notice. The policy, contracts, consents, and other forms will be reviewed and updated (if needed) on an annual basis. Please give written notice of any changes that may occur, especially of name or address, or of updated immunizations.


Client Responsibilities

We will need to work together to ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential. We agree to communicate regularly about the child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. You will keep me informed about any change in the child’s schedule, routine, or home environment. I will do the same for any changes in the child care business that affects the child.


You will notify me about any allergies or other health issues that the child is experiencing.

You will provide me with any special written instructions for the child as needed; for example, about eating, napping, toilet training, allergies, etc. You will provide any information about the child that will allow me to provide high-quality care, such as an I.E.P. (Individual Educational Plan) or other plans or assessments.


My Records for Your Child

I will keep the following records for your child; you are responsible for updating these records immediately when any of this information changes: your emergency contact information, including the name of a backup person in case I am unable to reach you, and the phone numbers of the child’s doctor and dentist, a list of everyone who is authorized to drop off and pick up the child, a signed and completed enrollment form, any special care or health requirements for your child, a signed consent form to obtain emergency medical or dental care, written permission to transport your child


According to state law, you must provide me with updated immunization records every:

6 months for infants

12 months for preschoolers

3 years for school-age children

12 months, regardless of the child’s age

Communication and Notifications

Communication is very important for this to be the best experience for everyone. When I accept a new family into my home I like to be sure that we can share openly any concerns or questions that may arise. I feel that we are a team raising your child. If we can work together then your child can feel secure in knowing they have two families who love them very much. We grow to love each child are always happy to have a chance to be a part of their lives. It is important that there is a similar childcare philosophy between us.


Daily Report

Our Teachers are responsible for daily reports since she is directly responsible for your child’s daily schedule. The teacher starts out her morning by looking at the daily curriculum and scheduled group activities. She will then enter her scheduled group activities in the daily reports as her schedule for the day. She will keep notes on your child through out the day and enter the notes as at nap-time when she can spend more time on reports. We know that this is your direct line to the kids and you really want to know what is going on with your child so we strive to keep this information accurate. However please keep in mind that our staff’s main goal is caring for your child and Daily Reports are a tool to share general information you need to know.



At Sargent Road Preschool we keep a newsletter at This is a great resource to see any information on the up coming month like Menus, Special News field trips.



Pictures of your child’s day will be posted on at Sargent Road Preschool Facebook Page. You will need to sign a picture release form. These pictures are for the Daycare Parents use only and to share with their friends as well. There are a lot of happy first moments at Sargent Road Preschool and we try to share those moments with you.


Parent Teacher Conference

Each year I will need to meet with you for formal parent conferences. We will discuss your child’s development, things they are learning, goal setting for the future, and any comments or concerns that you may have.  This conference gives us the opportunity to be on the same path with providing your child the best care possible.


Evaluations/Report Card

We will have evaluation form that let you know how your child is doing socially and academically. We keep these scores on participation that is appropriate for your child’s age and needs, and by skills.


Communication Walls

Check to see if your child has homework. Look at the menu for the day. Any Field trips will be posted on the calendar.


Open Door Policy

You are invited and welcome to visit Sargent Road Preschool anytime your children are present. You are asked to avoid visiting during Rest Time as much as possible.  Feel free to call or text me at 317-502-3212 anytime. If we do not answer or respond don’t worry I am busy a lot of the day caring for your child but please leave a message, and we will call or text you back as soon as we are finished with the current activity. The doors will remained locked during business hours. Parents will receive their own 4-digit code for the lock on the door so you will have access during the hours your child is here.



The information you supply to Sargent Road Preschool LLC will be kept confidential!  We will at all times respect your privacy.  Before any of the information is released to outside persons, the parents will sign a release form.


Child Abuse/Neglect

It is the law and also my responsibility as a childcare provider to report any and all abuse or neglect performed on a child. I cannot turn my head on a child that has been abused or neglected. Therefore, I will notify Children’s Protective Services and the Police Department when it appears that a child in my care is being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, neglected, or exploited.



The goals and objectives meet the FOUNDATIONS to the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children (Birth to Age 5). Our Curriculum is divided into 8 learning centers: Math, Science, Writing, Music and Movement, Art, Dramatic Play, Gross Motor and Fine Motor. Each activity is set up to provide a variety of experiences necessary for each child’s growth and development.


The Goals and Objectives are:

·      To learn about themselves

·      To feel valued and secure in their relationships

·      To feel competent and proud about what they can do

·      To feel supported as they express their independence

·      To learn about their feelings

·      To communicate a range of emotions through gestures, sounds and –over time-words

·      To express their feelings in appropriate ways

·      To learn about others

·      To develop trusting relationships with nurturing adults

·      To show interest in peers

·      To demonstrate caring and cooperation

·      To try roles and relationships through play

·      To learn about communicating

·      To express needs and thoughts without using words

·      To identify with home language

·      To respond to verbal and nonverbal commands

·      To communicate through language

·      To learn about moving and doing

·      To develop gross motor skills

·      To develop fine motor skills

·      To coordinate eye and hand movements

·      To develop self –help skills

·      To acquire thinking skills

·      To gain an understanding of basic concepts and relationships

·      To apply knowledge to new situations

·      To develop strategies for solving problems



Age appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility allowed to respond to the needs of the individual child and day.  We will offer times for outside play, crafts, stories, instruction, and naps appropriate to the child’s ages, interests, and abilities.  We will provide your child with tender loving care, understanding, patience and guidance in a happy family setting.  Chores, such as picking up, putting dishes in the sink, cleaning and organizing the toy room will likely be part of their daily activities.  For infants and toddlers who are too young to communicate with you about their day, a daily report will be sent home with them.


We provide preschool curriculum, developing large and small motor skills. We do many hands on learning centers where the focus is on the process, not the product. Free play is an important part of a child’s early years. It is here that they learn social skills that will be needed the rest of their lives.  We teach the children creativity, problem solving, and pride in their skills.



We try to choose songs that are fun and educational. These songs build hand coordination; teach numbers, shapes, colors, sign language, and other languages. Your child is evaluated at circle time daily. To see how much they are learning and where they might need a little extra help. We plan our special centers around where the class or a child need extra help to reinforce what we learn during circle time.


Special Center

Our teachers create centers to help with transitions, skills or lessons the kids need to work on. The morning special center time is quiet and nurturing. Morning drop offs are stressful for you as parents, and your little one. We try to make this time safe and peaceful so your child can start his day off feeling safe. So this is where they will do a puzzle, play with senses with play dough, smelling things, touching things, playing with focused toys to get your child interested and excited about coming in the morning. Where as other centers the teachers plan throughout the day might be paint, glue, or maybe even cooking. The messier more instructive centers are mid morning when the good byes are done and your child’s tummy is full and they have a better time focusing. Your child is encouraged to expand on the center or just play in free play. Your child has he choice to play with the center or free play at this time in case this center isn’t interesting or one of your child’s kids are here they can go play with them. We have different center to make it new and interesting but we also keep it consistent to keep the feeling of calm. We like to bring in toys the kids already play with and show they different ways to play with them like during dress up or kitchen time. The teacher chooses an activity that they participate in so they get that individual play time your child needs but your child can still do it on individually and have a hand or encouragement they need.


Audio Media Time

We do use Audio Media to teach your child through video, music, or the Wii. We use this time to put in an educational Leap Frog Phonic DVD or Dance with the Wii to keep a little fit. We only use these for designated parts of the day and to reinforce curriculum.


Screen Media

Infants and toddlers from 0-2 will not be allowed any screen media. Ages 2-5 Screen Media is limited to no more than 2 and a half hours a week which include music videos, educational games, movies, and video stories.



Sargent Road Preschool believes that animals bring a lot of joy to children as well of teaching them so much. We are a pet friendly daycare the children help take care of and learn about our pets. Lotus is our 9-year-old cat and our Lyla is our 2-year-old cat. They are both often found in the daycare rooms watching and playing with the kids.


Pets are a great way for the kids to learn kindness, responsibility, and about the animals they take care of. Part of what I teach is about taking care of the pets but also good hand washing practices for themselves after handling the pets. Children have a natural curiosity about life and pets help bring life up close and personal. We maintain the proper health record for out pets.

Clean up time

This is a great time for your child to learn personal and social accountability. We have your child organize, group, sort, categorized and to plan ahead. Your child is reasonable for putting or toys in the places they belong and taking care of the toy when they are using them. This can be a boring job so we sing clean up songs, we have your child work for goals like ”after clean up we will get to wash our hands and eat a snack” or maybe if it is an extra big job they may get rewards. Your child is assessed on how well they Clean up and take personal and social responsibility so we can see where we can where your child need a little more encouragement.


Religion & Beliefs

At Sargent Road Preschool we respect other cultures and beliefs however we do not use any religion of any kind in our program. We feel this is private and up to each family to teach your children your own personal religious belief. We do not discriminate and welcome everyone from every religion.



Daily Schedules


This time should be quick and low stress. Help your child take off their shoes and coats and put them in the cubby. This helps keep the daycare clean, it teaches them to keep track of their things and gives them a sense of belonging that their things have a special place that is just their own. At this time get your last hugs, kisses for the day and say your good byes so the kids can get started with their day.


It is normal for your child to cry on arrival, especially for the first few weeks. Please make your goodbye brief and tell your child exactly when you will be returning. The crying usually stops within seconds of your departure. You are welcome to listen outside the door. Never leave without telling your child goodbye.


Circle Time

Is focused learning time one on one with the Preschool teacher interactively. Circle time is a 3-part Center. The centers are fun and energetic but teach your child something challenging or reviews skills they already have so they can be an example for younger ones to learn something new. We have a wide age group so try to have something fun for everyone. We choose songs that are repetitive or use finger play or gross motor skills to help build your child skills and hand strength.


Story Boards

These stories told with tools like felt boards or puppets. They are encouraged to share in the story and to tell us what is going to happen next. They are building story telling skills and using their imagination. Felt stories make the stories go a little slower but make the words come alive and helps promote imagination and memory. We want the kids to remember these stories and participate in them so they need to be repetitive and silly.


Class Room News

What day of the week and month it is, what are plans for today are, what we are eating, and who the helpers of the day are. This way the kids know what to expect and they can be emotional ready for any transitions we might have during this time awards for the best circle time and storyboard participate. Awards are given out based on how many songs they participated in not how well they sing or what they know.



The kids need time to build friendships and learn and discover on their own. We give your child time to play with friends and to learn socially. The teacher is there to help with ideas on what to choose to play with or help find a friend if your child may need a little guidance. All of our toys and equipment have been carefully picked based on what they encourage your child to learn and grow.


*Please dress your child appropriately. The activities may be messy.  Do not send your child in clothing that you do not want stained.  Weather permitting; we will spend a lot of time outdoors. You also need to supply a complete change of clothing in case of an accident; we do not supply clothing for day care children.  If the child has no spare clothing, the parent will be called to bring some.  If there is a special occasion that calls for special clothing, (a visit or party right after child care or a trip to the photographer) please send the special clothing with your child and we will help them clean up and get dressed prior to your picking them up at the end of the day. Water Play-we have a sprinkler for summer water play and a water table.  A swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel may be requested for these days. *


Classroom Time

We use the classroom for special centers and meals.


Story Time

Although stories are read through free play story time is a set time where the teacher has planned what story she want to share with the class. Your child we be snuggled on her own clean mats with her own blankets and pillows.


Naps Time

Your child will listen to peaceful music while he tries to doze off and is monitored by video and baby monitors, and of course is always with in sight and sound of a teacher. During naptime the teachers clean up from the morning, get daily reports done, enter food logs, plan for the afternoon, eat their lunch, take their bathroom breaks, and play with the babies one on one. This is an important part of the teacher’s day to regroup. Naps are recommended by the State of Indiana until the age of 5. Every Child will have their own mat, bedding or Crib. Pacifiers are allowed during naptime. Infants under the age of 6 months will be laid down to sleep on their backs, to reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). They will be placed in a snugly and not allowed any other blanket or toys in their cribs.

Getting Mats Out

Your child is responsible for their own sleeping mats and bed bag. This gives them a lot of pride being able to carry their mats and make their bed. This also encourages a bedtime routine. They start think about shutting down for naps. Again your child will be given step instructions on what to do next. So they can practice with two or three directions at a time.


Hand Washing

This is a very fun time for the kids and a great time to teach them the correct way to do keep clean. This is a center all in it’s self. Everyday we line up and encourage the kids to stay focused and follow simple stepped instructions. We squirt hand soap in every child hand and remind them to rub it in really good to clean all the germs. We have a hand washing timer we set while the kids are in line and then they are helped two by two to rinse and dry their hands. We talk about good hygiene when we should wash our hands and why we are doing it. It reinforces good practices while making them aware that they need to wash well.

I will assist in toilet training your child with the understanding that it will be successful only if we work together.  We will use cotton underwear supplied by the parent.  Send your child ONLY in easy on/easy off clothing until they are able to completely undress and dress themselves.  We require at least five (5) complete changes of clothing during Toilet Learning.  We do not launder soiled items and will send them home in a plastic bag.  Please replace any clothing sent home the next day.


Diaper and Potty Breaks

Diapers are changed according to the changing guidelines posted above diaper changing stations. We make this a relaxing time we talk to your child and sing songs. We try to make this special one on one time.


Meal Time

Meal time is relaxed and enjoyable. It can be casual, individually served, or family style to promote sharing and manors. We follow the state food programs menu guidelines to encourage proper health and nutrition. We try to find new ways to encourage your child to try new things and introduce foods they may be new to. They are not forced to eat anything but are encouraged to try everything at least once every mealtime. They are allowed seconds but only after they have cleared everything off their plate to discourage picky eaters. Mealtime is fun for kids; there is a lot of chatting and friendships growing at lunchtime. This is where they can talk to someone and get to know them and build friendships. Mealtime is also a great learning time. Your child is responsible for taking their dirty dishes in the kitchen and scrapping their plate. They are learning personal accountability and to help the family.



Please do not leave your car running and unattended in the driveway. Please park on the curb in front of the sidewalk so not to block the driveway. Your child must exit the daycare with you. Please do not allow your child to play near the vehicles at any time.


No child will be allowed to leave with anyone except the parent, unless indicated on the alternate pickup list, without written permission from the parent. Telephone permission will not do! Anyone unfamiliar to us will be required to show proof of Identification. Please make the alternate pick up person aware of the requirements.


Please be in control of your child during drop off and pick up times. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (parent and provider) and this situation will be tested at one time or another to see if the rules still apply. We will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed. Children of all ages adjust to transitions from one activity to another differently. Most do not like to be too rushed and most do not like to wait too long once they are ready to depart.


NOTE:  If the person picking up the child appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, another authorized person will be called to pick-up both the child and the adult.



You must leave an extra set of clothing for your child at my home that is appropriate for the season, including a shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. If a child is being toilet-trained, you will need to provide several sets of clothing each day. During the winter, you will bring clothes for outdoor play, including a jacket, hat, scarf, mittens or gloves, a snowsuit or pants, and boots. During the summer, you will bring a swimsuit, a towel, and sunscreen. All clothing left at my program must be labeled with your child’s name. Any clothes that are not labeled or not claimed will be put in a bin and will be used as needed. If your child requires a change of clothes and you have not left any clothing, I will use other clothing that has been unclaimed.


Hair Bows and Barrettes

Please do not put hair bows and barrettes in your child hair. These are choking hazards that can be life threatening.



Children may NOT bring toys from home. This will eliminate fighting with other children and save time for teachers by not having to search for lost toys. It is a huge issue when parents bring toys from home so PLEASE be respectful of this rule. There is a strict no weapon or pretend rough housing policy for the protection of your child and other children in my care.


Food and Nutrition

We are apart of a food program ran by Joyce Network. We provide nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for your child.  Please do not send any food or drink with your child without prior approval/notice with the Provider.  If your child arrives after a meal or snack has been served, he/she will have to wait until the next scheduled meal or snack time.  All meals and snacks are served family-style and children are encouraged to use this time to share their experiences with each other.   Manners are taught and practiced during this time as well!


*Please list on the Medical Report any food allergies your child may have.  If your child requires a special diet due to allergies, medications, age and/or cultural or religious beliefs, it will be the responsibility of the Parent to provide these foods!



Please keep updated with our menu at we keep our menus updated using the Joyce network food program ran through Minute Menu. Menus are also posted in the front room bulletin Board.


My program includes the following meal schedule:

Breakfast: 8:45am to 8:00 am

Morning snack: 10:00am to 10:15 am

Lunch: 12:00 am to 12:30pm

Afternoon snack: 3:00 pm to 4:15pm


At mealtimes, I will offer the food to the children but will not require them to eat it. I will inform you if I notice any change in your child’s eating habits. I will be able to accommodate the following special dietary requests for an addition fee:(vegetarian, nondairy, Kosher, food allergies, Organic.).


Allergies & Health Issues

Please list all allergies and health issues written on medical report from your doctor. If your child has an allergy to any food or beverage, you must notify me in writing. These must be in your child records with your signature and your doctors with instructions on how to care and treat your child.


Emergency Policy

Medical Emergencies

Although supervision is constantly given, we cannot be by the child’s side at all times to prevent accidents, falls, tripping, bumps, blows from other children, etc. If the child is injured in a non life-threatening way, we will assess the child and provide home first aid. If the injury is more serious, the parent will be notified so the child can be transported to the hospital or doctor’s office. (I.E. needs stitches, broken arm, or dislocation, etc.) All costs and liabilities associated with injuries of he child will be the responsibility of the parent.


Sargent Road Preschool LLC or any one associated with Sargent Road Preschool LLC will not be responsible for any cost or liability claims for the injured child.  In case of a medical emergency, I will attempt to contact you immediately. If we are unable to reach you, we will start calling the people designated as your emergency contacts. If we are unable to reach you or your emergency contacts, we will transport your child to his/her doctor or to the hospital, if necessary. If immediate intervention is required, we are certified in infant, child, and adult CPR and First Aid and will take appropriate action including calling 911 and having your child transported to Riverview Hospital. You or your family insurance is/are responsible for the full cost of medical help or treatment due to accidents, illness, or death while in childcare. Sargent Road Preschool is not legally or finically responsible for any injuries while at Sargent Road Preschool


Evacuation Fire

There are 4 fire extinguishers located in the daycare. It is in the kitchen Utility closet, in the classroom, in the playroom, and in the basement.  If there is a fire that cannot be extinguished quickly, the children will be evacuated immediately before calling 911. We will practice fire drills Monthly so the children will be prepared in the event of a fire. The fire evacuation plan is located at the front door and you are free to view it at any time.



In the event of a tornado warning, the children will gather in the basement. They will crouch under a table facing the walls until the inclement weather has passed. Tornado drills will also be practiced monthly.


Power outage

There are flashlights located in the kitchen and in every bedroom of the house. If the power remains out for some time, there are non-perishables located in the kitchen that will be used to eat. If the weather is inclement and the house is getting too cold for the children, you will be called to pick up your child.


Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs

Sargent Road Preschool is a smoke-free environment. No one is permitted to smoke in my home; either during or after child care hours. My employees are forbidden to use alcohol or drugs during working hours. All staff has a drug test on file with the State and in my personal records.



My first responsibility is protecting the health and safety of the children in my care. When you drop off and pick up your child I need to make sure that the child is being transported safely. Transporting a child under the influence of alcohol or drugs or failing to use an appropriate car seat creates an unsafe situation. When you transport your child to and from my program, you must comply with state law regarding appropriate car seats and infant carriers. If you drop off a child at my program and have not transported the child in an appropriate car seat or carrier or are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I may immediately terminate our contract.


If in my opinion you cannot safely transport a child from my home at pickup time, I will ask you not to take the child and will propose the alternatives listed below.

  • I will call one of the people who are authorized to pick up the child and ask that person to transport the child.

  • I will call a cab to pick up you and your child. You will be responsible for paying the cab fare.

  • If you have failed to bring an appropriate car seat for the child, I will ask you to drive home without the child and return with an appropriate car seat installed in the car. I [will / will not] charge a late pickup fee under these circumstances.


If you refuse to agree to an acceptable alternative and insist on taking the child, I will immediately call the police and report the unsafe situation.



Sargent Road Preschool tries hard to pick great staff members to care for your child. They all have a background check, drug tests, TB tests, CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions training. They are required to have 40 hours of childcare training a year. I understand the relationship children build with their caregivers so I try to find staff that are in this long term and are warm and caring people. Remember that they are in my home so I will find some one I trust not only with your family but mine too.


We do our best to maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. Children’s hands are washed before and after meals, coming in from outside and after using the restroom. If these skills are stressed at home also your child may remain a good hand washer when he/she gets older. Please have your child bathed and dressed for play. A clean child is a healthy child.


Infants sleep in separate cribs/Play Pens with clean blankets, used only by them. Beginning at toddler age washable nap mats and cots are used. Each child has a separate nap mat or cot with blankets. These are washed weekly (unless soiled, then they are washed as often as necessary). Toys are sanitized with a bleach solution once a week or as needed.


Our daycare is not always spotless. Our main concern is the care of the children. I clean our house during Rest Time, if all are asleep, during non-business hours, and occasionally with children’s help. The children will help clean up toys before meals and naps.

Sargent Road Preschool Household Rules

·      No hitting, biting, pinching, throwing, pushing, hair pulling, or otherwise hurting ourselves or others.

·      No intentionally breaking anything.

·      No running, jumping, wrestling, climbing, etc. in the house or on the furniture.

·      No toddler’s are to be picking up the infants and/or entering the infant play and sleep areas at any time.

·      No leaving the house or yard without permission (no one is allowed outside without adult supervision, even when parents are here).

·      No name calling, yelling, foul language or teasing. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

·      All food and drink will remain in the designated table/eating area.


Guidance & Discipline

Some people call it discipline, we prefer guidance. No child will be hit, spanked, belittled, or otherwise intimidated at Sargent Road Preschool LLC even with parental permission. No corporal punishment will be used. Children will be treated with courtesy, respect, and patience. Guidance will be according to age and understanding level. Younger children, babies and toddlers, will be redirected to another activity. Older children will be given time outs depending on the severity of the offense (almost always 1 minute per year of age, never to be more than 10 minutes). If a child becomes a persistent behavior problem, we will address it with you and we will try to resolve it together. If your child continues to physically harm other children or is destructive with toys, they will be set at a table to play with a puzzle or practice a skill in order to keep other children in the program from being harmed.


I expect children in my care to respect others, respect the environment and respect themselves.



Behavioral Goals

While in my care only positive encouragement is enforced. Children will NOT be subject to spanking, hitting, kicking, restraint, or to, verbal, emotional, or physical punishment. I believe the most effective ways of enforcing positive behaviors are: Praise, Respect, Re-Direction, and Positive Re-Enforcement. I don’t play “REF”; I use strategies to engage children in their own problem solving. During conflict it is important for children to feel respected, secure, loved, important and special. They need to know I am always available to listen and help, not to judge. My goal is to coach the children so they can negotiate compromise, brainstorm and work it out together. I do not believe in “adult initiated” time outs, as I feel when used punitively it takes away from a valuable teaching experience. I will only place a child in time out if I feel that they are a threat to the safety and well being of themselves or others. When this becomes necessary I make sure everyone is all right, and then I stay with the child.


If something of a more serious nature or a persistent behavior should occur that is of concern to me or a threat to the safety of others, I will need to discuss it with you so that we can jointly decide on a course of action that is followed at home and in my care. If the problem cannot be resolved arrangements must be made for the child to receive care elsewhere.


Transportation & Field Trips

I will transport the children by car only with your written permission. My reasons for transporting the children may include, but are not limited to: field trips, the library, the park, the beach or swimming pool, trips to the doctor, dentist, medical appointments, errands, transporting school-age children to and from school or a bus stop, transporting children in the event of an emergency. When I transport children, I will secure them in an appropriate child seat or carrier as required by state law.


At times, we may plan a field trip or it may be necessary for me to transport your child by car. A permission form is provided upon enrollment. All traffic and safety laws will be followed. No child will ever be left unattended in a vehicle. Parents will be notified at drop off time or with a phone call. The only time we may leave without notice is in the case of an emergency, in which case a note will be placed on the door leaving instructions where the children can be found.


Unless it is an emergency, you will always be notified prior to any outing from Sargent Road Preschool LLC. If we do not have your permission to transport your child, you are expected to pick up your child immediately and make alternate childcare arrangements for that day.

Infant Care

We are aware that newborns rarely have a fixed feeding and sleeping schedule. They will be fed when hunger is indicated and rest as needed. A sleepy baby will be allowed to rest, and an alert baby will be removed from his/her crib.


As the baby develops a schedule (around six months), meals and naps will be more consistent: breakfast, morning nap, lunch, afternoon nap, and snack.


It is not practical in a group setting to expect an infant to be held continuously. It is also not beneficial to the baby. Infants are included in-group activities whenever possible: sitting in our laps for story time, playing on the floor during free play, rocking during quiet time.





Infants will be fed formula or breast milk only (supplied by parents) for the first 4 months, unless directed otherwise by a doctor, as per CACFP guidelines. All babies will be held during bottle feedings until they are able to hold the bottle on their own.


Between four and six months, iron fortified cereal can be introduced. This then will be followed by vegetables and fruits, each given individually for a period of at least 3 days before introducing a new food. This is to lessen the confusion if an allergic reaction occurs. You are responsible for notifying us when new foods are introduced; we need to be consistent in the feeding of your baby. This information will be kept on file in the child’s food chart. Children will be encouraged to feed themselves when they indicate a readiness to do so.


You will not need to supply formula, cereal, fruits and vegetables for your child however if you want to provide a brand that the daycare does not provide you are welcome to bring it.  At all times, we will follow your preferences, as long as the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program Guidelines are met. You are welcome to view and discuss the guidelines with me at any time. I also keep a link of the guidelines on the daycares webpage.


A cup can be introduced around 6 months if desired. All formula, bottles, and food will be labeled with the child’s name and date.


Formula will be discarded in 48 hours if not used. Jar food will be kept for 24 hours before discarding the unused portion.


We prefer you to send powdered/concentrated formula to be left here and replenished as needed. We will mix and store the formula (with careful attention paid to not waste formula). We also prefer you to leave two bottles here to be used. This will make it easier on you as you will not have to prepare and pack bottles/diaper bag daily. Everything needed for the care of your baby will all ready be here.



Diapers will be changed every 2-3 hours or more often if necessary. If the use of creams, powders, or ointments is requested, you will need to supply those. The children will be diapered on an individually provided pad that will be sanitized after each use. My hands will be washed and sanitized after each diapering. If there are loose or bloody stools, I will wear gloves.



Infants will be allowed to nap in a crib. The bedding will be washed when needed and twice weekly.


Infants who cannot move around will be kept on a clean blanket when awake. Other children will not be allowed to walk on the blanket or play with the toys to reduce germ transfer. They will NOT be confined to a crib/playpen while awake. The baby will be moved about throughout the day to different areas, or be rocked, held, or carried about to prevent boredom. Older children are NOT allowed to pick up or roughhouse with the baby. The use of hugging, snuggling, rocking, singing, and smiling will be abundant.


Infants who can crawl or “scoot” will be allowed to do so freely gated from older children in the baby room or main play area.


Playpens will not be used to encourage this time of exploration and movement. If an activity (such as painting or movement) is planned that is not appropriate for an infant, they will be placed in the bouncy seat or a walker to play. This is for the baby’s safety.



We try to play outdoors every day, weather permitting. Infants will be placed in an appropriate area (swing, bouncy seat, etc.) outdoors, in the shade whenever possible. Please dress your child for the predicted weather, including socks/shoes and outer covering (jacket, sweater, hat, and mittens).


Field Trips

Older children enjoy field trips, but trips away from home can be difficult for babies. Therefore, we try to schedule trips when your infant is not here. If you will be staying at home unexpectedly, please let me know as soon as possible so we can make plans.


Germ Prevention

Illness is inevitable at some point. Although it can be stressful for parents when their infant has a cold, we will do everything possible (see below) to reduce germ transfer. Please realize that not all germs can be removed from an area. If your infant catches a cold, ask me about some methods to help them recover more quickly.


Germ control is a priority when infants are in care. All toys are sanitized at least daily. Noses are wiped as soon as needed, and the provider’s hands are washed and sanitized afterwards. Children’s hands are frequently cleaned with wipes during cold season. Disinfectant spray is routinely applied to surfaces (after hours, not during the normal childcare day).


Safe Sleep

We follow the Safe Sleep Program for children all infants will be placed on their backs to sleep to decrease the risk of SIDS until the baby is able to turn over on his/her own.



Breastfeeding is strongly encouraged at Sargent Road Preschool. If you are nursing your baby, please discuss this with us and arrangements can be made concerning nursing in our home.


Dependent Care Plans

I will participate in any dependent care plan that is offered by your employer. You must provide me with the required forms and instructions and keep me informed about the deadlines required by your plan. If you haven’t spent all the money that you have set aside under the dependent care plan by the end of the plan year, I will ask you to give the unspent money to my program, since otherwise you will lose those funds, and this will help improve the quality of the child care that you receive


Caring for Children with Special Needs

Child care programs provide public accommodation and therefore must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Child care programs should be committed to meeting the needs of all children, regardless of special health care needs or disabilities. As the numbers of children with chronic health conditions such as asthma, allergies, and diabetes increases, as well as the number of children with emotional or behavior issues, the ability of programs to plan for and include all children is critical. Inclusion of children with special needs has been shown to enrich the child care experience for all staff, and children and families of enrolled children.


Procedure and Practices, including responsible person(s):

  • Children with special needs will be accepted into our program under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • All families will be treated with dignity and with respect for their individual needs and/or differences.

  • Sargent Road Preschool will be responsible for ensuring that confidentiality about special needs is maintained for all families and staff in the program.

  • Sargent Road Preschool will ensure that when a child with a special need is identified on the Child Care Application Form, the family will be given a Special Health Care Plan and Emergency Information for Children with Special Needs Form to be filled out by the family and health care provider collaboratively with a member of the child care program staff.

  • Children with special needs will be given the opportunity to participate in the program to the fullest extent possible. To accomplish this, child care program may consult with agencies/organizations as needed, provided parental permission is granted (Authorization for Release of Information form). Inclusion of program staff on IFSP and IEP case conferences is desired to ensure the child care program provides the most supportive environment possible.

  • All staff will receive general training on the benefits of inclusion of children with special needs and training on specific accommodations that any child in their classrooms may need. The knowledge of parents and health care professionals involved in the care of the child with special needs will be consulted to determine accommodations and or therapy requirements.

  • The individual written plan of care for children with special care needs will be followed in all emergency situations.

  • Sargent Road Preschool is responsible for making sure the plan shall be updated annually, at a minimum.

Communication plan for staff and parents:

Staff and volunteers will receive a written copy of this policy in their orientation packets before beginning work at the facility. All parents will receive a written copy of this policy in the parent handbook and a copy of this policy will be posted on the parent bulletin board in each classroom. Parents, staff, and volunteers will receive a written copy of any updates.

*When the policy applies: At all times