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Citrus Fruits


A place people can gather together for family, friends, and community. Rented through Air BnB

We help small businesses and Nonprofits by providing space for gatherings. Here we offer packages. $For working % divided after gross.

We offer webinars for non-profit and small business start-ups. Food prep, towers, gardening, alcohol, and even about the area as tour guides. Non-Profit Education Programs.  Research Structure.


Sargent Road Farm House

House is its own Entity.   People rent the house or space in the house. Income from this goes back into the house and the property.  With future goals of a garage and a couple of side kitchens. Update furniture and art. We will display art and items in the gallery.

Sargent Road Gardens

Non-Profit Enity that offers webinars and education meetings  We have one sale a year in the spring for plants.  All produce we will sell to vendors.  The Gardens will also host monthly business meetings and business education workshops.% donation goes to a local Community nonprofit and board Members.  Board members are required to volunteer so many hours a year.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Add Ons/SB Support

In addition to our own menus and services we also have a list of preapproved Vendors to help other small businesses. Whoever works it is Paid net of the event.  We will offer different packages from as small as a parking package for parking after 16 cars, to entimate corporate packages. We work with Wedding planners, other caterors, and cake decorators. 


Furniture and different man-made products.  Andy will sell things on Line and in the Farm House Gallery. 

Renovation Tools
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