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Jen Waldorf

Chief Operating Officer


Jen serves as the Second in Charge and assumes responsibilities when the COO (Chief Operating Officer) is unavailable. Additionally, Jen  has a specific focus on organizing events for holistic practitioners within the organization. Her role involves ensuring smooth operations and providing support in various areas.


  1. Leadership Support: Jen  supports the COO in managing daily operations and decision-making. She acts as a key point of contact and provides guidance to staff members when necessary.

  2. Event Planning: Jen  takes the lead in organizing events specifically tailored for holistic practitioners. This includes coordinating logistics, securing venues, managing registrations, and overseeing event execution.

  3. Relationship Management: She builds and maintains relationships with holistic practitioners, ensuring their needs and expectations are met. Jen collaborates with them to develop meaningful and impactful events that support their professional growth.

  4. Team Coordination: When the COO is unavailable, Jen  steps in to ensure efficient coordination among different departments. She works closely with other board members and department heads to maintain effective communication and workflow.

  5. Problem Solving: Jen  assists in resolving operational challenges and conflicts that may arise within the organization. She fosters a positive and collaborative work environment to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

  6. Cross-Department Collaboration: She facilitates collaboration and communication among different departments, ensuring alignment of goals and objectives. Jen  encourages teamwork and knowledge sharing across teams.

  7. Process Streamlining: She identifies opportunities for process improvement and streamlines operational procedures to enhance efficiency. Jen  promotes innovative ideas and implements best practices to optimize operations.

  8. Succession Planning: Jen  assists in succession planning by identifying and developing potential leaders within the organization. She mentors and supports staff members in their professional growth.


Jen Waldorf
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