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Sherina Lyons

Director of Social Media and Children's Programs Coordinator


Sharia plays a crucial role in managing the organization's social media presence and organizing children's programs. She leverages social media platforms to promote the organization's mission and values while ensuring engaging and impactful content. Additionally, Sharia focuses on developing and coordinating programs targeted at children.


  1. Social Media Management: Sharia oversees the organization's social media accounts and creates engaging content to promote its initiatives. She develops a social media strategy, manages posting schedules, and analyzes metrics to optimize engagement.

  2. Content Creation: She generates creative and compelling content, including written posts, graphics, videos, and interactive elements, to engage the organization's online audience. Sharia ensures that the content aligns with the organization's brand and values.

  3. Community Engagement: She interacts with the organization's online community, responds to inquiries and comments, and fosters positive relationships with followers. Sharia uses social media platforms as a means to connect with supporters and raise awareness.

  4. Children's Programs Development: Sharia works with relevant stakeholders to design and develop children's programs aligned with the organization's mission. This may include educational activities, workshops, or recreational events.

  5. Program Coordination: She manages the logistics and coordination of children's programs, including scheduling, securing resources, and coordinating with staff and volunteers. Sharia ensures a safe and enriching experience for children participating in the programs.

  6. Outreach and Collaboration: She reaches out to schools, community organizations, and other stakeholders to promote children's programs and establish partnerships. Sharia collaborates with external partners to expand program offerings and resources.

  7. Evaluation and Reporting: She monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of children's programs and social media initiatives. Sharia collects feedback, conducts surveys, and analyzes data to assess the impact and make improvements accordingly.

  8. Child Safety and Compliance: Sharia ensures that all children's programs adhere to relevant safety guidelines and regulations. She works closely with staff and volunteers to maintain a safe and secure environment for participating children.

Sherina Lyons
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