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  • What part of Indianapolis is the house located in?
    The house is on the North East side of Indianapolis. When built, the address was listed in the town of Castleton Indiana. The town of Castleton was absorbed by Indianapolis many years ago. Many people still refer to an area slightly west of us as Castleton. The house is about a mile west of Geist reservoir.
  • Can I rent the house for a day for a party.
    Although we only book to the public through an approved vacation rental platform our members offer great day event packages that include space rental for the day starting from 8am-11pm.
  • Can I rent the entire house?
    Yes, you can book the entire house for short term rental through several different vacation rental platforms Airbnb, Vrbo , Bookings, Peerspace,
  • How old is the house?
    According to city records, the house was built in 1870, but some of the building materials indicate that part of the house may have been here several decades earlier.
  • How many people can sleep at the house?
    We have enough room for 16 people.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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