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Welcome to the Sargent Road Farmhouse Garden Tower Classroom Project!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our unique and innovative program that combines the educational benefits of the Garden Tower Classroom project with the mission and vision of Sargent Road Farmhouse. Our collaborative initiative aims to provide a transformative experience for students, fostering wellness, connection, and community through the power of sustainable agriculture, therapeutic gardening, and education.

At Sargent Road Farmhouse, we are a non-profit organization committed to creating a nurturing environment that celebrates the natural beauty of the farm while offering a platform for workshops and events that promote healing, learning, and growth. We firmly believe in the power of connecting individuals with the land, their bodies, and each other, as well as fostering a deep appreciation and respect for the environment and society.

The Garden Tower Classroom Project is at the heart of our mission. By integrating Tower Gardens into classrooms, we provide students of all grades with a hands-on experience in sustainable farming practices, nutrition, and environmental stewardship. Through our collaboration with passionate organizer Monica, we ensure that the program aligns with the developmental needs of the students, allowing them to grow and understand the importance of sustainable living.

Our curriculum is designed to engage students in a comprehensive learning journey, guiding them through various grade levels to deepen their understanding of gardening, nutrition, and sustainability. We also incorporate elements of therapeutic gardening, promoting mindfulness, stress reduction, and sensory experiences that further enhance the well-being of the students.

We believe that sustainability and community go hand in hand. Therefore, we actively engage the community through various events, workshops, and partnerships. By forging connections with local businesses, organizations, healthcare providers, and educators, we create a network of support and collaboration that enriches the program and benefits the entire community.

To ensure the long-term continuity of the Garden Tower Classroom Project, we have established a sustainable funding model and actively seek sponsorships from like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of students and inspire positive change in our community.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about the program, and join us in our mission to empower students, promote wellness, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the environment and society. Together, we can create a brighter future through education, connection, and sustainable living.

Welcome to the Sargent Road Farmhouse Garden Tower Classroom Project. Let's grow and learn together!

Forest Glen Elementry Kindergarten Class 2023/2014

Emmett and Monica are back at it again, this time with the enthusiastic Kindergarten class of 2023/24. Their commitment to the Tower Garden project has only grown stronger, as they now aim to raise funds to ensure the Tower Garden remains in the classroom for the upcoming year of 2024/25. Recognizing the immense educational value and impact of the program, they are determined to create a sustainable funding model that will allow future students to benefit from this transformative experience. In an exciting development, Emmett, now a first-grader, will take on a new role as a student educator. He will visit the classroom as a mentor, sharing his knowledge and passion for gardening with the incoming Kindergartners. This student-run education program will foster a cycle of learning and growth, empowering younger students and inspiring them to continue the legacy of the Tower Garden project. Together, Emmett, Monica, and the Kindergarten class of 2023/24 are creating a remarkable journey of knowledge sharing and community impact that will have a lasting influence for years to come.


Forest Glen Elementry
Preschool Class 2022/2023

Emmett and Monica volunteered to set up a Tower Garden in Emmett's preschool classroom and monitored the progress of the Tower Garden, from the exciting moment of planting the seeds to the remarkable growth of the vibrant plants. Together, they nurtured the garden with care and enthusiasm, ensuring optimal conditions for the plants to thrive. As the school year unfolded, the students eagerly participated in the gardening process, learning valuable lessons about nature, sustainability, and healthy eating. The culmination of their efforts came when it was time for the long-awaited taste test of the lettuce they had grown. The joy and sense of accomplishment were palpable as the children savored the fresh, crisp lettuce they had nurtured from seed to plate. Emmett and Monica's involvement in this journey created a lasting impact, inspiring a love for gardening and empowering young minds to embrace the wonders of nature and the importance of self-sustainability.

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