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Flower Buds


At Sargent Road Farmhouse, we are driven by a shared vision of fostering wellness, connection, and community. Our mission is to provide a therapeutic and educational platform that celebrates the natural beauty of the farm while offering transformative workshops and events. With a focus on sustainable agriculture and using locally sourced ingredients, we nourish both bodies and minds. Through our Garden Tower Classroom Project, we aim to empower students with hands-on learning experiences in gardening, nutrition, and environmental stewardship. By integrating therapeutic and educational workshops, we create a unique space for personal growth, healing, and connection. To support this important work, we rely on the generosity of our community. Your contribution will help us continue offering these invaluable programs, inspiring positive change, and cultivating a deeper appreciation for our environment and society. Together, we can sow the seeds of knowledge, wellness, and community engagement.

Soil Garden


At Sargent Road Farmhouse, our gardens serve as a multifaceted space for fundraising, education, and therapeutic workshops. With a commitment to fostering wellness, connection, and community, our gardens provide a beautiful and nurturing environment for various activities. We host fundraising events, such as farm-to-table dinners and community markets, where attendees can enjoy delicious meals made from our locally sourced ingredients while supporting our mission. The gardens also serve as an educational hub, offering workshops and classes on sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and gardening techniques. Additionally, we provide therapeutic workshops that promote healing and well-being, incorporating elements of nature, mindfulness, and sensory experiences. Our gardens truly embody our dedication to creating positive change by engaging the community, providing educational opportunities, and offering a therapeutic space for growth and connection.

Tower Garden

The Tower Garden Classroom Project at Sargent Road Farmhouse is an innovative and transformative initiative that brings the wonders of gardening, nutrition, and sustainability directly into the classroom. Through the use of Tower Gardens, students of all grades have the unique opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences that cultivate a deeper understanding of the environment and healthy living. Our curriculum is carefully designed to align with each student's age and learning abilities, guiding them through a journey of growth and knowledge. As students plant, nurture, and harvest their own crops, they develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, while also fostering a connection to the natural world. This project not only promotes educational outcomes but also encourages holistic well-being by incorporating elements of therapeutic gardening and mindfulness. With the Tower Garden Classroom Project, we are sowing the seeds of sustainability, nourishing young minds, and empowering the next generation to become stewards of our planet.



Do you want to help support the Tower Garden Classroom Project at Sargent Road Farmhouse?  With your contribution, we can provide an enriching and sustainable learning experience for students of all ages. Your donation will directly go towards purchasing a Tower Garden and essential nutrients for the sponsored classroom, allowing students to explore the wonders of gardening and healthy living. Alternatively, if you decide to purchase your own Tower Garden, a percentage of the proceeds will be dedicated to supporting Sargent Road Farmhouse Garden and Presley's Produce, ensuring the continued growth and success of our programs. Your support will make a significant difference in empowering students, promoting sustainable agriculture, and fostering a deeper connection to the environment. Join us in sowing the seeds of knowledge and wellness. Donate today and be a part of this transformative journey.

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