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Amanda Lopez



As the Treasurer, Amanda is responsible for managing the organization's financial resources, overseeing financial transactions, and ensuring accurate record-keeping. She plays a crucial role in maintaining financial stability and transparency.


  1. Financial Management: Mandy manages the organization's financial resources, including budgeting, cash flow, and financial forecasting. She develops financial strategies in collaboration with the board and ensures the organization's financial health.

  2. Financial Transactions: She oversees and approves financial transactions, including payments, receipts, and reimbursements. Mandy ensures that financial policies and procedures are followed and maintains proper documentation.

  3. Accounting and Reporting: She maintains accurate financial records, prepares financial statements, and generates regular reports for the board and relevant stakeholders. Kelly ensures compliance with accounting principles and applicable regulations.

  4. Auditing: She coordinates internal and external audits of the organization's financial records. Mandy ensures that all financial activities are transparent and compliant with audit requirements.

  5. Budgeting and Financial Planning: She collaborates with other board members and department heads to develop annual budgets and financial plans. Mandy provides financial guidance and supports decision-making processes.

  6. Financial Compliance:Mandy ensures compliance with applicable financial regulations, tax laws, and reporting requirements. She works with external professionals, such as accountants and auditors, to address compliance issues.

  7. Financial Risk Management: She identifies and manages financial risks, such as fraud, embezzlement, or financial mismanagement. Mandy implements internal controls and monitors financial activities to mitigate risks.

  8. Stakeholder Relations: She communicates financial information and provides financial updates to the board, donors, and other stakeholders. Mandy represents the organization in financial matters and fosters trust and transparency.

Amanda Lopez
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