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Tower Gardens Classroom Project

Tower Garden Classroom Project

The Tower Garden Classroom Project operates by loaning a Tower Garden to a classroom, creating a unique hands-on learning experience. Monica and Emmett, dedicated volunteers, actively monitor and provide assistance in the classroom, sharing their expertise and enthusiasm with the students. As they nurture the Tower Garden together, the students learn valuable lessons about gardening, nutrition, and sustainability. The goal of the project is to raise funds, with the support of Sargent Road Farmhouse, to purchase a Tower Garden for the next year's classroom, ensuring the continuity of this transformative program. Additionally, as an older student, Emmett will have the opportunity to visit and mentor the next year's class, providing guidance and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Through this collaborative effort, the Tower Garden Classroom Project cultivates a cycle of learning, mentorship, and community engagement, empowering students and inspiring a lifelong love for gardening and sustainable living.


Tower Gardens Classroom Project
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